Green Policy

In running our business we aim to care for our environment and wildlife as well as preserving Bampfield Farm for the future generations. Our commitment is to continuous improvement within the business while adhering to environmental legislation.

Here at Bampfield Farm we try to minimize our impact on the environment in any way possible. We began our journey in 2000 when the farm started its Organic conversion.

Now 10 years on we are using crop rotations and management to avoid the use of pesticides, weed killer and chemical fertilizers.

Also on the farm we minimize and recycle all forms of plastic and cardboard.

We aim to use products which minimize the harmful effects on the environment; these include:

  1. Provide information for local activities
  2. Support local producers
  3. Encourage electric and water saving
  4. Eco-friendly cleaning products
  5. Energy efficient light bulbs
  6. Log burners with renewable wood
  7. Individual thermostats
  8. Refillable cleaning/toiletries
  9. Recycling and composting
  10. Our own mini sewage treatment
  11. Fair trade tea and coffee
  12. Using recycled paper
  13. Monitor wildlife
  14. Provide information of other green businesses


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