Spring Holidays ..The waiting is nearly over

January on the farm.

The beds are made and the feeders are clean, the yogurt is made for the calves to drink. We expect 200 cows to calve in February, March and April. Also 80 heifers ( first time mums) Neil the farmer will have sleepless nights but still he is keen to have female calves because they will join the herd when they are are two years old, after having their own calves.

Other events on the farm this month have been to repair the tracks that the cows use to walk around the farm.  We aim to have the cows in the fields from early March to October depending on the weather. Some days they walk 2 miles to the back of the farm, actually sometimes they run to the fields to get the best grass.

Only a few mini- breaks are still available to stay in our warm cosy cottages, bring your boots, cameras so come  and cuddle a calf.