Wildlife Spotting at Bampfield Farm Cottages

Skylark Nest


Here at Bampfield Farm we have seen an abundance of wildlife and flowers this summer.

Wagtails are nesting in the gas tank, Swallows have made their home in the children’s playhouse we will have to rename the house. Yellow Hammers have been singing and a Great Spotted Woodpecker and Mr Robin come for breakfast most mornings.

A trail camera has been used to monitor the Swallows as they build their nest and rear their family we can share this with our guests.

Farmer Neil has been protecting a Skylark nest with 3 baby chicks in it. Mummy Skylark had laid her nest in a field on the ground where the 250 cows were going to graze. He put a fence around her to protect the little family, they have now flown the nest (it only takes 3 weeks for Skylarks to fledge)

We adopted 2 baby hedgehogs which were released into the organic vegetable garden, each hedgehog has their own hedgehog house to live in (they have 5000-7000 spikes on their back)

Our Barn Owls have reared chicks again this year. A Barn Owl takes 63 days to grow from an egg to an adult.

May and June we saw stunning sunrises, sunsets and a rainbow at night which gives us all a sign of hope.

Neil and Hannah have made a new vegetable plot with every kind of vegetable growing so we will soon be self- sufficient.

We are looking forward to guests returning soon, then you will be able to see the wildlife and flowers for yourselves.


Hedgehog house

Mr Bumble bee