Autumn activities on the Farm

Farmer Neil has been making Bampfield halloumi cheese using our own milk during lockdown. Our family say it is the best they have tasted.

He has also grown abundant vegetables, some days we were getting 10-12 courgettes!

Lynda has been making homemade gin with the soft fruit and at the moment gooseberry and elderflower is the favourite tipple.

As farmers we care about our sourcing our food locally and caring about our environment for the future generations. One of our priorities is to produce electric therefore reducing our carbon footprint. So in September we installed 40 kw of solar panels on our calf shed roof.

During October and November we generated 2000 kw, which is 67% of the farm requirements, this equates to powering 4,000 homes for 1 hour.

Terry the turbine produces 32,055 kw per year 50% of this power is exported onto the grid, this equates to  powering 9250 homes for 1 hour.