February and so it begins…

Feb 13, 2021 | Farm Diary

At present guests are unable to join us at Bampfield during this special time of the year.  So we are sending our activities to you as all the baby calves are being born. Farmer Neil and Josh have had 80 new mums and calves to care for. So far we have 30 dairy heifers, these will be reared and join the herd in 2 years time. The beef calves Aberdeen Angus’s and British Blue calves are being sold to a neighbour.

Each calf has valuable colostrum to give it all the goodness and immunity for the best start in life.

As soon as the weather improves the cows will make their way to the field and graze the lush grass. Our milk is rich and creamy, ideal for making cheese. More about farmer Neil’s cheese next month.