About theĀ Farm

Bampfield Farm is a working farm has been farmed by the family for 54 years.

It has always been a dairy farm because the farm is suited for growing plenty of grass. In the olden days the milk was delivered to customers in neighbouring villages. This is when the Haven cottage was used for milking the cows and bottling the milk.

Nowadays the milk at Bampfield Farm is collected by the milk tanker and bought by the Arla co-operative and bottled or made into cheese.

The cows graze the fields from spring to late autumn and in the winter they are put into sheds and fed silage. One of the attractions is to see the cows being milked and from February to April the cows produce calves, this is always a busy and special time.

We also rear free range chickens which are sold in the supermarkets. They arrive as day old chicks and are reared to eight weeks.

There are stunning views of the countryside and plenty of walks on your doorstep. The wildlife around the area is in abundance and the hedgerows are full of flowers.

We have been providing farm accommodation in North Devon for 20 years with our self- catering cottages and our visitors often comment on the peace and quiet here at the farm.

Home grown succulent beef is available to buy, and tasty pork sausages for your breakfast.

You can also collect freshly laid eggs for your breakfast.